Hey there! I'm Tarr! You can also call me any derivative of Tarraxahum or simply Alex. Or whatever nickname you met me as.

I am an adult in my late twenties who's still not sure how to live this life and is trying to reclaim some parts of their life through turning to hobbies old and new. The old hobby, in this case, is site building. I severely regret that my first one is forever lost to the void.

I'm a language bachelor and I'm trying to make money in translation field. Which is to say, I'm broke as hell, lol.

My gender situation is weird to the point where I'm not sure I understand it myself, so kick yourself out with pronouns and such. But also here's my pronoun card, just in case!

My interests swing wildly between various hyperfixations. Games, shows, movies, comics, most importantly, however - strong/mean/"problematic"/traumatized (any or) female* characters. Then there's also heavy music (bonus if girl fronted!), webmastery stuff. Characters, a lot of characters. Fully mine or created in RPGs. Also I draw a comic when my brain lets me. Etc etc!

I saved Chloe | I picked Ashley | Went to Avernus

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