Who is Tarraxahum?

Yeah, who am I?

Names: Tarr, Hum, Alex, give me a nickname if you wanna

Age: I was born in the late ninties and am now in my late twenties ._.

Pronouns: I exist to be incomprehensible, so any/all. They/them and ze/hir work if you don't like choosing. Here's also my pronouns card.

Okay but WHICH queer are you? All you need to know is that there's a huge love for women, an asexuality, lots of masculinity and some gender-fuckery in the mix. There are other hints on the main page. I personally call myself a queer and a dyke.

Interests: Whatever I'm hyperfixated on at any given moment. That generally includes media with strong/mean/"problematic"/traumatized female leads, nu-metal (or similarly heavy-ish) music, videogames with character customization and my characters in them, webmastery stuff, my own OCs, my own webcomic especially.

Favorite characters:
Wynonna Earp (from Wynonna Earp, duh),
Revy (Black Lagoon),
Ymir (Attack on Titan),
Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill),
Catra (SPOP),
Vi (Arcane),
Chloe Price (Life is Strange),
Sera (Dragon Age: Inquisition),
Haruko (FLCL),
Korra (TLOK),
Carol Danvers (MCU Captain Marvel),
Maria Rambeau (same),
Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Moon),
Alphard Alshua (Canaan).
See what I mean?

here's me yelling about most of them in frustration (YouTube)

I saved Chloe | I picked Ashley

Photo of the webmaster hirself
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