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It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

Visit my Orange Hawkweed in Flowergame!Visit my Heart of Valentine in Flowergame!Visit my Wild strawberry in Flowergame!Visit my Common snapdragon in Flowergame!


Can you freaking believe it? We're at the FOURTH issue now, chapter finale! Holy shit I am so proud of myself. Now sitting at the proud 147 pages. That's a full damn comic book. Join the fun if you haven't yet :3


THIRD ISSUE of Phototaxis of a Fighter is up! Go get some healthy dose of fighting, hot butches and sudden dillemmas >:3


NEW ART at the PoF's gallery and I am extremely happy about it. Lesbian/butch/femme romance enjoyers come see.


Visit my brand new ADOPTION CENTER with a very personal concept and hand-drawn adopts for you to take home. Meaning your website. Or wherever else, I'm not the boss of you, just do so with heart~


HA you thought that was the last update for today? BOTH MY WEBSITE AND MY WEBCOMIC NOW HAVE RSS FEEDS, GO SUBSCRIBE! Website's button is here on the sidebar and it's gonna notify you about new arts/fics/reviews/etc etc etc, and the comic's feed button is in its footer and it's gonna notify you about new pages/chapters ONLY.


Added an Speed Racer shrine, because there has to be a Speed Racer shrine on MY website, and also re-made PoF's gallery of extra art to run on the same script my main gallery does. And added a new art to it!~


Added a new shrine to go along with my accepted "Self-Insert Webring" application. Brainrot to the max. Also flat-colored all the upcoming pages for PoF, now I just need to render lights and shadows and all that, ahah. Oof work is kicking my butt though. Stay tuned!


Added an ART GALLERY and uploaded my FANFICS and also added buttons to the right sidebar to link to some cool people and GAH I did a lot today. Also yes it's 2 am again. ^-^


Tried to make the layout make slightly more sense. Is it less responsive on mobile now? Definitely. Have I chosen a questionable method of organisation? Oh yeah. Is it 1:30 am again? You guessed it!!!

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