Welcome to my (In)Animate Empathy Adoption Center!

My whole life, and I do mean whole, I've been ridiculously empathic towards inanimate objects. I'd have to train myself to properly express empathy towards actual humans later, but abandoned toys? Wilted flowers? Last piece of a food that no one finished off in time and it had to be thrown away? Bring on the waterworks.

I don't know and maybe will never know what makes me this way, and I've since made my peace with the fact that I'm a grown adult crying over popped baloons. What I do know is that ever since I started exploring personal websites, I've been obsessed with the adoptables culture. And I mean those that you can just take and put on your website, not the serious ones that you buy.

So here's my adoption center full of lil things in need of empathy and home. Put them on your website if you feel like it, in whatever quantity - just promise to love and cherish them!!! Linkbacks or credit are not required, but as always appreciated. Let more people visit this place through your pages~


Let's start with the ones we all know secretly are alive, shall we? Adopt a roomba!


Oh no, someone lost a flower out of their bouquet. Or picked up a flower to smell it and then immediately tossed it aside. Don't worry, I put them in water and now they will never wilt. Take a flower home~


You know that one scene in Mulan (the cartoon, duh) where we see a lonely doll lying on the ground and it means to symbolize a dead child (aka the whole village)? Yeah I've always been sad about the doll more than about the implications. Abandoned toys are...lonely. And 'broken' toys need friends too! (Some of them have backstories in alt descriptions!)

this little plush was forgotten by someone at a bus stop :( I borrowed this guy from a girl in middle school, accidentally broke his leg off and decided to never give him back... This one I found on the street. He got a sigarette burn and my mom tried very hard to convince me to throw him away. I never cared for the burn though! Little-little cat from a LEGO set. Usually they get lost immediately, but this one never did. It survived multiple times moving houses. Let it be your good luck charm. everyone loves a marble! It might be missing a wheel, but it's still going strong! Wroom! a doggy I accidentally stole from a speech therapist's office A poor doll that suffered from my artistic skills many years ago. I am still so sorry. She's beautiful just the way she is and she's ready for so many tea parties though! A chipped edge is not the end! Look at it, it's happy to see you! A plush sheep I won at a crane game. It bothered me greatly that it looked so sad, and I hoped it'd feel happy the next day. And it did. I bet it'll feel happier with you too. I don't care that it's sharp, it's still pretty and deserves to shine!


Will NOT pop, will NOT deflate, no sadness allowed.


Yes I do think that a dropped ice cream or the last forgotten fry can be a nice adoptee for your page. Don't you?

Took someone with you? Have a suggestion for another (in)animate object to be added? Want a color variation? Let me know!

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