Hopefully you found all my personal links, as well as buttons leading to various awesome websites on my index page. Now, welcome to my (hopefully growing) web directory of everything else. Or something like that.


Cool forums where I'm active or at least attempt to be:

MelonLand Forum - a very nice forum about web-building and 3D worlds, but also art and tech and the 'web-revival'. Great community and an amazing admin.

Space Bar - an online version of an old-school queer bar with some roleplay elements. Could always use more patrons!

ComicFury - a great forum for webcomic-makers.

RpNation - forum for text roleplayers.


Speaking of webcomics: tired of webtoon and tapas? There are better options!

ComicFury - the forum was just a feature, the site itself is a webcomic hosting of 14+ years with a wide variety of genres, creatives, and approaches. No censors, no pay-to-read, no algorithms. Has a vertical scroll option, if you insist.

Webcomic Webring - a webring of independent webcomics hosted on separate websites! Lots of Neocities ones, but not only.

Top Webcomics - an interesting webcomic rating. Vote for your favs or find some new to read.

Aradia Collective - a collective for comics about magical girls.

Click here to see my personal rec-list!

(In no particular order and likely incomplete)

SHE MAKES HUNGRY - She's a ghoul, she's a magic wielder who hunts and studies the undead... could I make it any more obvious? No, but seriously tho, it's great and you gotta see for yourself.

Neo Automisia - A gritty cyberpunk setting and a protagonist who is both a terrifying gun for hire and a lovable scrungly who just wants to have some sense of direction in her life again. I love Monique and you shall too.

Midnight Furies - Wanna play some basketball? How about interdimensional basketball with high stakes and reality-bending superpowers based on your sheer will? Welcome to The Games.

Hyper Morphosis - A very bright and dynamic story about a post-apocalyptic world with pirates, yakuza, mafia and superpowers. Follows three different POVs and I love all of them.

Tiger-Toothed Twig - A charming comic about pre-historic times where one very stubborn girl just wanted to prove she could be a hunter (and then the stakes got bigger).

Souls Foreclosed - Transsexual demons fighting vampiric church and fascists, and also falling in love. All of that in an insanely unique art approach.

Nocturne 21 - A doctor goes home after a shift and finds a boy bleeding out on the street, so, naturally, he takes him home to patch up. But who's the boy, who did that to him, and what are these strange dreams he's having?

Onti - A tale of best friends hanging out, doing martial arts and managing work and life together. A very stylish comic featuring a POC cast and elemental powers.

Holly & Macy and Everyone Else - A comic about being teenagers, falling in love, losing best friends and... doing witchcraft. Cute and never boring.

Trespasser - Kyara, an adventurous girl living in a world wrecked by an intergalactic war, goes out to scavenge, get into trouble and look freaking cool while doing so. Meanwhile her friend, inventor Zack, is trying really hard to help her and not have a heart attack on the way.

Redux - A bunch of kids suddenly find out that they are the new reincarnations of some ancient entities - and that comes with some ancient baggage. Adventures ensue.


To help you with your own website, maybe?

HTML cheat list - a HUGE amount of generators, color-pickers, tags and structures, etc etc.

GifCity - (do not mistake for Gifcities) A big collection of small pixel gifs, dividers, sparkly backgrounds, pagedolls, etc.

GifCities - and THIS one is a searchable collection of gifs from Geocities.

Coco's Pixel Safari - another amazing resource of graphics.

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection - MORE graphics!!!

Rivendell Backgrounds - a collection of tiling backgrounds.

Background Tiles - an even bigger collection of backgrounds!

Where I got my cursor!

My gallery code! - originally found here.


I dunno how to name this one. Sometimes they help to remember you're not alone in the universe, I guess.

The Nicest Place On The Internet - Hugs. Hugs from kind strangers. That's it.

Window Swap - Look outside someone's window.

Random Street View - Like GeoGuesser, but zero stakes.

Drive And Listen - Drive around a city of your choice and listen to radio stations that play there.

You're Listening To Los Angeles - Chill tunes overlapping with police chatter. ACAB, but barely legible radio static voices do sound atmospheric.

This Website Will Self-destruct - This website will self-destruct when no one writes it a letter for 24 hours. People have been keeping it alive for multiple years. How about we join them?

Queering the Map - A map of queer experiences all over the world. Click around to read and feel less alone (or cry?) - or add your own!

Slow Roads - An endless driving simulator. No damage, no obstacles, no times, just drive and drive. Customizable location, vehicle type and season/weather.


Everything else that's cool and I'd like to keep/show you:

Vampires! - Become a vampire. Here's also my biter link if you'd personally like me to be your sire, but think hard about it.

Poppyseed Pets - A virtual pet that goes on adventures while you're not looking, very cute.

Mixes Database - Music remixes throughout time and locations.

Pixel Lounge Dollmaker - An old-school pixel dollmaker by a dollmakers revival community!

ChrisMckenzie - A cube who wants to be your friend, I think.

Smash the Walls - What it says on the tin. Useful if you have anger issues like I do.

JacksonPollock - Inky drawings in your browser. Go nuts.

Inspiral Web - You remember those lil plastic cog things from your childhhood that allowed you to draw cool spiral flower-shaped stuff?

Virtual Rose - Send a virtual rose to a friend :3

Orbs - Ponder a bouncy orb. Then pop it. Rince and repeat. They sparkle too!