I've just watched Dragon Age: Absolution today (yes, I binged all available episodes like a savage, screw you Netlix for ruining both my plans for the day and my attention span), so while the impression is fresh, hell, why not make it the first post of this thing.

Let's see. Story wise? Well, on one hand, I think it could use a few more episodes to let every character shine equally. On the other hand, though, the whole action-packed feel really worked for me. Dare I say, worked even better than Cyberpunk: Edgerunners's pacing did. Also 10/10 on my personal anxiety scale, the amount of times I went "AH, SHIT" only for the situation to work out roughly equals the amount of time I went "Ah, shit" and everything went exactly south. My poor nerves hate you, DA:A, well done.

Briefly about the characters: tbh most of them were done well enough for me to want to meet all of them in the upcoming game. Qwydion most of all, probably. I'm fairly certain we have a chance of seeing Tassia at some point (need more people who actually believe in Tevinter, y'know, come join Dorian's side, lady). I wouldn't dream of seeing Miriam, BUT... Ahem, a huge spoiler under strikethrough: bioware let me romance her I will be 100% better than whatever the fuck that was


Speaking of Miriam, she's the star of the show for me 100%. I friend of mine was watching ahead and texted me "She's your child" within the first MINUTE of the first episode. And you know what? They were right. That was exactly my thought at that exact moment as well.

Okay, what do we have: capable? Yes. Lethal in battle? Very. Ruthless? Most of the time, especially when it counts. On the verge of tears because people actually stood up for her? Well, fuck. Oh, and don't let me forget: clearly capable of so, SO much love under all that trauma.

The fighting scenes in this show are a joy to watch in general, great choreography and overall animation. But, as I mentioned earlier, Miriam is just ruthless enough to scracth that itch for me. Two daggers, a string, throwing knifes, a lot of stabbing and blood flying everywhere, that's a yes from me! There was...something particularly satisfying about the way stabbing was animated? The weight of it? Or was it the sound?

Okay, don't look at me like that. My character in Dragon Age: Inquisition wielded two daggers and in gameplay it was always very chaotic and quick and lacking good angles. I'm allowed to enjoy some cinematographic stabbing. While wondering why and how anyone in their mind lets the alleged Herald of Andraste and one of the most influential political figures of their time do this acrobatic up-close murder dance with some rebels in some woods. Tevinter locks their important figures up in safe rooms in case of emergency, while the South just says..."Eh, they'll be fine". Tbh, makes total sense.

Back to Miriam: we may have had only six episodes with her, but even in such a short period of time her character growth was palpable and satisfying. Could've held a little more grudge in one certain matter, but, eh. I think she needs time to process what happened there. What she did process, and this is a small spoiler for you, is that you can't forever hide behind the notion of "No one saves people like us". At some point you have got to stop waiting for "someone" and start saving each other. And I find that particular shift especially beautiful. I hope it brings only the good things to her in the long run.

I probably need some kind of a scale for these if I want to write them consistently, don't I? Let's see...

Badass woman for a protagonist: Yes

Badasness: Sufficient

Bloodiness/fighting: Satisfying

A child: Adopted

Recommend: Yes if you're a Dragon Age fan. But should be fun for anyone in theory, as long as you don't mind a bunch of terms and locations and names that don't mean much without context.